Umgano Logo - Forestry

Umgano Forestry is a commercial forestry enterprise with 840ha planted to Eucalyptus species and 442 to Pine species. This company manages all the forestry operations which includes establishment, harvesting and fire protection, employing 120 staff. Umgano Forestry is currently harvesting, on a sustainable basis, 90ha of Euc’s producing 21,000 tons of pulpwood for SAPPI SAICCOR. The pine timber will provide raw material for our own sawmill (Umgano Timbers). The Company is an FSC Certified plantation under the SAPPI FSC group scheme. The company’s profits are utilised to support the establishment of Greenfield projects within the community such as the Sawmill, Tourism and related agricultural business.

20151125_Umgano harvesting C05 20130705_Breezy Brae Safety Meeting Dezzi with timber for Mabandla March 2016 Bhosolweni Nov 2013 (4)