Umgano Eco Adventures Logo

Umgano Eco Adventures is a joint venture between Umgano Development Company (MDC) and Umsonti NPO, developed to take advantage of the 7 000ha’s of pristine land that includes two major rivers, Indigenous forests and grasslands. This initiative will create an additional 24 jobs for the local community and provide new skills. The area is located in the Umzimkulu District, on the road between Creighton and Franklin, and 10 km south of Coleford Nature reserve.

The Eco-Adventure Company aims to take advantage of the growing trend in the field of Adventure activities, which will cater for the young professional age group. In addition, our area will cater for the more mature client in the fields of bird watching (overnighting in tree houses), hiking through Indigenous forests and pristine grasslands. Even youngsters will be accommodated through such activities as Tubing.

The company aims to create some niche markets namely:

Canyoning at Umgano (3) Kayaking at Umgano (2) Hiking at Umgano Rafting at Umgano (3)