Umgano Logo - Conservation Unit

The Umgano area contains three primary zones: a Conservation (or Natural) Zone, a Commercial Afforestation Zone, and a Livestock Management Zone.

The overall purposes of the Umgano Project are to achieve the following:

The Vision for the Umgano area is to “support a community-originated initiative, managed to enhance the lifestyles and well-being of the people of Mabandla, through conservation and sustainable use of its biodiversity, physical and cultural resources.”

The Mission for the Umgano area is to “seek to manage and conserve the project area, including its outstanding scenic, cultural and other qualities, in its present well-preserved state to the benefit of the people of Mabandla and all others, through promotion of sustainable land uses, in order to provide a sustained flow of business and employment opportunities, ecosystem services and other benefits, from within and beyond its boundaries.  Management will strive continually to improve the area and its flow of benefits to a higher state.”

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