The Presence of Trout in the Streams and Rivers of Mabandla

- 22 March, 2017

The two main trout rivers of Mabandla Community Area are the Ngwangwane and the Gungununu, but there are also a number of tributaries of these in Mabandla that have held populations of Rainbow Trout and other game fish for almost a century.  According to Crass (1986) both have the reputation... more

A community fights poverty through innovation

- 2 September, 2016

A total of 7000ha was transferred to the Mabandla community in Kwazulu-Natal as part of government's land reform programme. The community has since established several successful ventures, including a commercial forestry enterprise, on the land. As part of government's land reform programme, 7 000ha of southern KwaZulu-Natal's Mabandla area were... more

Transport and logistics solutions

- 2 September, 2016

Umgano forestry project upgrades timber loading and haulage capacity. Transport and logistics is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Umgano forestry business, and constitutes 40% of the costs, according to Zweli Baleni, CEO of Umgano Devco. Initially, the forestry team used a tractor and bundle trailer to move... more